vendor bags

Vendor Bags

Want to advertise your products or services at the Home School Book Fair? Use our bagging service, Great Stuff Convention Bags.

3,500 vendor bags containing promotional literature from organizations serving the home school community are distributed every year at the Home School Book Fair. We are very careful with your advertising dollars! After families arrive at the Book Fair and check in, a vendor bag is personally handed to each family as they enter the Exhibit Hall. No family receives duplicate vendor bags unless they specifically request them for friends who could not attend. No vendor bags are ever thrown away! Ask any vendor who has participated at our Book Fair.

It is not necessary to be an exhibitor at our Book Fair to use this service. The deadline to ship promotional materials to Great Stuff Convention Bags is 30 days before the Book Fair. To obtain complete information about this service, please contact:

Great Stuff Convention Bags
P.O. Box 7271
Newark DE 19714
Tel 302-737-3673